Chris Odito

Chris Odito, Lead consultant
Lead consultant

Currently offers consultancy services in research, innovation, strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation. Prior to that managed the research agenda that entailed managing research projects (qualitative and quantitative) and research suppliers on behalf of the organization

Worked 12 years with East African Breweries Ltd (Kenya Breweries Ltd) as a Research Manager, Market Research & Development Manager and Consumer Planning & Research Manager, responsible for creating, setting up, establishing and managing the Consumer Planning and Research at Kenya Breweries Ltd (KBL), Uganda Breweries Ltd (UBL) and KIBO Breweries, Tanzania successfully contributing to the key function’s objective of generating a true consumer-driven and consumer focused culture. Was responsible for establishing and managing the research tools for both quantitative and qualitative studies. This unlocked insights that led to growth in sales and market share. Identified and implemented the key Planning and Research Programs required for the various categories and brands, key to the business’ competitive advantage and growth opportunities. Ensured selection of best Research Suppliers / Partners, Worked with Research Suppliers on a regular basis to maximize the utility of Tracking, Monitoring and Evaluation Studies. Ensured the injection of penetrating interpretation and recommendation into the business by identifying and managing agency partners who added value, unlocking creative solutions to consumer issues.

Led, coordinated and provided Consumer Planning and Research expertise within EABL. Identified talent, trained and coached the team. Provided strategic Consumer Planning and Analytical Support to the Consumer Planning and Research team. Built basic skills required to understand research reports and draw conclusions from them beyond what is provided by the Research Suppliers. Was the champion of ‘Consumer Focus’ and ‘Consumer Insights’. Coached marketing team in skills and capability to become excellent at searching for, recognizing and leveraging consumer insights

Led long-term opportunity strategy development and their fit with business strategy for the portfolio and individual brand’s development. Initiated, organized and facilitated portfolio and brand strategy workshops successfully building effectiveness and profitability for KBL, KIBO and UBL Breweries. Benefited from having had my career and experience on the Agency side and on the Client side. I know and understand how Agencies work and the Client’s side needs and language. Worked the Client side for 12 years and the Agency side for 4 years.

Had the opportunity to work with some of the leading companies and highest quality agencies in the world. Gained invaluable experience and knowledge essential to increasing the practical value of research

Holds Masters of Arts in Business administration, post graduate diploma in computer Science