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Our Background

CHACs Research Consultancy is a Market Research Consultancy specializing in end-to-end market research, insight generation and application to drive business growth.

CHACs International Research Consultancy at a Glance
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Our Vision

Unique resource for Adding Value to the contribution that Research can and does make in guiding and improving business or decision-making, leading to increased organizational effectiveness and profitability by integrating research into decision-making process.

Mission Statement

To help enhance the practical value of research in all areas of business to management in guiding and improving decision-making, using research to effectively influence decisions which subsequently achieve their targets.


We have a diversity of rich resources, a great pool of lead consultants who work with CHACs

Key Personnel

Heldah Wakhungu

Founder and CEO

Chris Odito

Lead consultant

Our Core Areas

Market Research process ensuring quality work and results
Managing Quality Throughout the Project Process

CHACs’s Overall Responsibilities: –

  • Be resourceful in enhancing the value of research to the business, strategically focused on driving short and long term results.
  • Will challenge brief and proposal to ensure project design meets research objectives at this stage.
  • Will ensure project design, set up and planning meets research objectives. 
  • Monitoring and evaluating pre-fieldwork project process.
  • Monitoring and evaluating fieldwork.
  • Monitoring of Data Entry.
  • Monitoring of Data Processing.
  • Reporting.
Measures To Be Taken By CHACs Management

CHACs Will: –

  • Ensure project is set up in line with agreed methodology (as per the brief and proposal).
  • Ensure detailed personal and written briefing of all stages of the project from fieldwork set up to coding and data entry.
  • Monitor and evaluate fieldwork set up.
  • Monitor and evaluate ongoing progress of fieldwork
  • Ensure adherence to quality control checks on coding, completion of questionnaires, management of sampling points (if any), spread and coverage of interviewing, interviewers being used, quota achievement e.t.c.
Additional Measures to Be Taken By CHACS Management

Additional measures will be taken by CHACs management to ensure that Research Suppliers/Agencies are adhering to their own QUALITY CONTROL MEASURES.

  • Ensure review of status report listing questionnaires numbers of the questionnaires checked upon and results of those back-checks.
  • Request for summary reports for each fieldwork monitor conducted by Research Suppliers / Agencies.
  • Regular fieldwork reports to be submitted to CHACs management for MONITORING and EVALUATION.
  • CHACs management will undertake random check by going out for face to face interviews/listen in for call centre and/or online studies to Monitor Fieldwork to ensure the strength of Quality Control is maintained.
  • CHACs management will also go out to monitor Internal Research Suppliers regularly to ensure strength of quality control is maintained.
Qualitative Only

CHACs management will monitor and ensure compliance with: –

  • Quality of respondent recruitment procedures.
  • Interviewing.
  • Moderating.
  • Selection of facilities for face to face sessions and quality of set up for online.
General Quality Control Measures

General Quality Control measures taken by Research Suppliers/Agencies: –

  1. Training of personnel/interviewers involved in the project during which issues about methodologies, data collection, data entry and approach to training is fully discussed and agreed upon.
  2. Training to ensure that interviewers and/or moderators are familiar with methodologies, approach (face to face or online) discussion guides, survey questionnaires; also ensure the survey project is conducted in a manner that would elicit accurate answers.
  3. Quality Control Measures: –
  • To ensure accurate and reliable results of fieldwork, quality control procedures usually apply to any project. 
  • Pre-briefing and selection of interviewers.
  • Piloting the questionnaires and modifying the questionnaires for clarity, issues, problems.
  • Fieldwork supervisors and managers responsibility: –
  • Reviewing of completed questionnaires legibility, accuracy and consistency.
  • Monitoring the accuracy of individual interviewers.
  • % agreed spot field checks of interviewers to eliminate fraud, inaccurate form filling e.t.c.
  • Minimum % agreed accompaniment of interviewers.
  • Minimum % agreed back checks.
  • Rigorous editing of all questionnaires brought from the field.
  • Editors checking the quality of each questionnaire before punching/data entry.
  • Project leaders/executives maintaining a close surveillance on both interviewers and supervisors, and also involved in day-to-day running of the project.
  • Qualified coders used in the coding of open-ended questionnaires.
  • Agreed % of double verification and clearing of punched data.
  • Ensure proper validation of fieldwork, essential to the overall quality of the data collected, is done in person and continuously.
  • For online studies, ensure proper filters for seamless flow of the questionnaire/intervie
  • The above process to be followed for quality checks
Specific to Innovation

Concept testing, total offer validation, test marketing and post launch survey will follow the same process of market research as outlined above to ensure quality data collection

CHACs Research Consultancy offers its services in the innovation agenda to ensure consumer insights are at the heart of organization innovation pipeline to assess viability of innovation concepts before commercial launch with subsequent post launch survey to assess stickiness and impact