We offer Consultancy in:

Primary Research

face to face, call centre and/or online


We offer consultancy in primary research specializing in qualitative and quantitative studies, both continuous and adhoc including Innovation concept testing through to total offer validation and test marketing to assess viability of innovation before commercial launch

The principal factor that determines the overall success of the survey/research project(s) is the QUALITY OF DATA COLLECTION, DATA ANALYSIS AND REPORTING

CHACs Research Consultancy offers its services in Research process to ensure QUALITY WORK in order to secure QUALITY DATA. The main responsibility will be; being resourceful in enhancing the value of research to the business by focusing strategically on driving short and long term results, to monitor and ensure quality work and results.

CHACs will ensure that structures are in place so that all quality procedures at all stages are monitored and checked ( CLICK TO SEE DETAILS IN THE CORE AREAS SECTION)

Strategic Planning


Any information is potentially relevant if it is not in the context of an issue

CHACs Research Consultancy offers services in strategic planning to ensure information sought is in the context of a business issue and that insight(s) generated thereof can be applied to drive growth

CHACs works with clients to rally internal stakeholders, coordinate and facilitate consumer-led workshops grounded in deeper consumer understanding to get to clear implications and action plan to business/brand issues

We will help you identify and get to understand the so what? to unlock growth opportunities for your business

Measurement and Evaluation (M&E)


Management thinker Peter Drucker is often quoted as saying that ‘You can’t manage what you can’t measure’ meaning you can’t know whether or not you are successful unless success is defined and tracked

The importance of measurement and evaluation (M&E) program in any business cannot be understated. M&E is essential in ensuring efficient and effective utilization of resources to maximize return on investment (ROI). CHACs offers M&E services working in collaboration with businesses to set up M&E programs, ensure learnings are shared and applied to drive sustainable growth and inform any future activities for optimal gain.

Capability Building


Key factor that drives sustainable business growth is putting consumers at the heart of everything they do. It is therefore important for key stakeholders across business to be conversant in the use and interpretation of research data. More often than not, many confuse information with insights referring to the former as insights.

CHACs Research Consultancy offers its services to companies to better understand and connect with consumers to drive sustainable growth. We train commercial teams to sharpen their skills and build confidence in the interpretation, use and application of research information and insights in strategy formulation, implementation and M&E to assess impact

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