Strategic Issues

A high degree of commitment to market research into businesses and policy-makers decision-making process is critical



Fundamentally improve the management of the research suppliers, projects, quality and delivery of service on behalf of the organization.


Research Suppliers relationships

Co-ordination of Client and Research Suppliers relationships. Through previous experience, has built up contacts and relationships with key research suppliers.


Years of Experience

Has considerable experience of working on Research Agenda, cumulatively 30+ years on the Client Side and 5+ years on the Agency (Suppliers) Side. we know and understand how Agencies/Suppliers work and the Client’s side needs and language. This ensures the principal factor that determines the overall success of the projects and research agenda.


Best Practice

Experienced and knowledgeable in World Class Best Practice in Research and Innovation techniques and tools. Essential in adding value and smooth running of the service and relationship between Client and Suppliers.


Client Needs

Role will be mainly to enhance the value of research and innovation, co-ordinate and monitor the standard of Client Service and to ensure that the Client’s needs are being met. Will be available to answer questions and requests.



Will adhere to Agency Charter, ensuring that structures are in place so that all procedures are monitored and checked. Will welcome and act on feed back from client.


Client Brief

Client will be required to provide written briefs whilst the suppliers will be asked to provide written details of the project proposals.


Supplier Report

Suppliers will be required to give regular progress reports on projects.


Review Meetings

CHACs and Client will have regular contract review meetings to evaluate projects, agree improvements and revision, etc


Progress Report

CHACs will provide an up to date progress report on all projects, overall relationship with client, specific project, project planning and set up, execution.


Work Validation

Ensure proper validation of work, essential to the overall quality of the data/results.